Pieces Of A Dream

Graham Scanlan

January 29, 2023
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“Pieces of a Dream” is a compilation of my thoughts and ideas written in journal form. These thoughts and ideas have always been with me. They were and are always given to me through inner self, from my higher self or spirit. The words come to me from what you would understand as above or from ALL there is, was and ever shall be. They come to each of us, everyday. Many of you too, will put together and publish journals in the future to inspire others. Yes, it is true, by the simple telling of your personal quest to become one of a higher vibration and of your remembrance process, you will empower many. You will be able to tell others of your transformation, from trained thinkers to independent reactors. You too, will be able to tell of how you live no longer for self, but for others.

It must be, further understand that an important part of my new thinking process has come to me through the reading of “Absolute Truth”. It is because of this revolutionary manuscript that I became willing and able to find the strength and courage from within to finally gather my thoughts and put them into the written word. I now understand that all I have done in my life up until now was in fact preparing me for whom and what I am today. A newer, higher version of myself, brought about by my higher self. And now I hold within my inner being a purer connection to God and self which, grows and becomes better and stronger each new day. Now I am grasping the notion that to truly be able to help others, first you must love your beloved self. Then and only then can you truly help others, thus, empowering them, thus empowering yourself and our world.

This journal has been about the people I have met, from Angela Tanner (that first channeled to me) to Elliott Eli Jackson that bought a final absolute connection to the ALL, the places I have visited, their effect on me. It has been a journey of discovery of self and having absolute faith to give most of my possessions away, sell the rest, leave family and friends and start again in a most wonderful country. No different from the one I left behind but with the opportunity to help others as my higher self desires.

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