Test 3

Graham Scanlan

March 3, 2023
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Mt Shasta View from top car park

Animal Tarot Cards

The cards drawn were as follows:-

  1. Swan – Swan typifies grace, it is calm and serine on the surface but paddling furiously below the water. You would never know it. Swans long neck is said to signify the connection between to lower and upper worlds and of course swan goes from the ugly duckling to the beautiful adult as depicted in the fairy tale about the ugly duckling. Swan teaches us that through our connection to the upper world of great spirit and by surrendering with grace we will learn much
  2. Otter – This animal is very playful, a master fisherman and swimmer. They live on the land near water but have been known to make great treks across land if needed. They are very curious creatures and just wish to have fun with whoever they meet. So reconnect with the child within and have fun. Look for fun with all but know that not all will wish to have fun in return. Do not be upset it is just their way and should not stop you from enjoying life providing you do not hurt anyone. Learn to swim with life’s ups and downs and be flexible enough to move with new ideas when they are presented to you.
  3. Turtle – Turtles are protected by their shells and if required their bite. So if you feel threatened by the words of others, protect yourself. If you feel physically threatened bite back. Turtle teaches this by telling us to go within and sense what is going on around us. We can then take the appropriate action to protect ourselves. Turtle lays its eggs on the same beach every year and this teaches us to let our ideas develop over time before you bring them forth to the world and except that like the little turtles not all will survive.

Bat – This animal represents rebirth, the end of the old and the introduction of the new. It represents the ritual of the Shaman death were the initiate Shaman would be buried

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