Sacred Space

Graham Scanlan

January 26, 2023
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wolf fire

Sacred space is created before we do any healing or ceremony; it is a safe area within which no harm can come. Start by facing each direction and calling to it by shaking your rattle or by simple lifting your hand and arm up to acknowledge the direction you are facing .

Face the East and say:-

Red is the east;
It is where the daybreak star,
the star of knowledge appears.
Red is the rising sun
bringing us a new day,
new experiences.

We thank you Great Spirit, for each new day
that we are allowed to live upon
our Mother Earth.

Face the South and say:-

The south is yellow.
Our Mother Earth gives us growth,
gives us all that sustains us,
and herbs that heal us.
She brings forth the bounty of springtime
from the warm south wind
and the yellow hoop.
We think of strength, growth and physical healing,
and a time for planting our energies.

Face the North and say:-

White is for the north.
Waziya ouye – the north power.
Waziya ahtah – the white giant from the north.

Strength, endurance, purity, truth
stand for the north.
The north covers our Mother Earth
with the white blanket of cleansing snow.

After the winter snows
our Mother Earth wakes refreshed
to bring forth the bounty of springtime.

Courage and endurance,
these strengths we seek,
and wish to be blessed with,
as we stand here facing north.

Touch Mother Earth and say:-

Green is the colour for mother Earth.
Every particle of us comes from her,
through the food we take from her daily.

She is truly our mother,
and must be acknowledged and respected.

Father Sky gives us energy from the sun.
Father Sky provides the fire that
fuels our homes and our lodges,
and the energy that moves our bodies.

Father Sky has daily communion with our Mother.
Together, they are our true parents.

Look up to the sky and say:-

Wakan Tanka,
Great Spirit, Creator of us all,
creator of the four directions,
creator of our Mother Earth and Father Sky,
and all related things,
we offer this prayer to open Sacred Space.

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